Family/Group Tours
All Year Yatra-2021
in Tamil
General Instructions
  1. Accommodation, Vegetarian food and transportation are included in the tour fare.
  2. Request the customers to minimize the luggage which will ease their journey.
  3. Request the customers not to wear costly gold ornaments during the Tour. It is the responsibility of the customers to take care of their belongings.
  4. Sree Vijayalakshmi Travel service will alter/ cancel particular destination due to unforeseen circumstances like natural calamity, road blocks, bandh/ hartal/ curfew, communal riots, Train/flight Cancellations, Train delay or any breakdown which are happening beyond the control, no refunds or portion of the amount will be given.  But in case of cancellation of entire trip, refund will be given.
  5. Customers are request to take care of their luggages, we are not responsible for the customers belonging.
  6. We recommend, in your interest that you insure yourself and your personal effects at your cost. We shall in no circumstance responsible in any way for any claims while on the tour.
  7. Alcohol consumption is stricly prohibited while in the tour.
Indian Tours
  1. As train reservation starts 120 days in advance of the journey date, we request you to book the Yatra 130 days in advance providing your information and an advance of 4000rs per person for Non-Ac tickets and 5000rs per person for AC tickets, rest can be paid 15 days before the tour date.
  2. Request the customers to bring food plate, tumbler, blanket, umbrella, torch, lock & key and necessary tablets for their needs and also sweeter & shawl in case of any hill station Yatra.
  3. Vegetarian Food (garlic and onion are not used for cooking during yatra) - Morning Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided.
  4. Accommodation (room sharing and dormantry) will be provided.  Based on the request by the customers individual rooms can be arranged which are to be borne by the customers.
  5. Bus seating will be given based on the booking i.e. “First come first serve Basis”.
  6. Based on the request by the customers, rituals like Pitru Karma, Pinda Dhanam & Veni Dhanam can be arranged at  Gaya, MathruGaya, Kasi and Allahabad which are to be borne by the customers.
  7. Transportation to the tour places are covered by tour bus and 2nd class sleeper train ticket are borne by us, senior citizen train ticket concession will be refund to the customer. In case of customer requesting AC train tickets, the difference amount from 2nd sleeper are to be borne by customers.
  8. All Customers are requested to bring original ID card which is required during the train journey. Railway department may check for the ID during the journey.
  9. Entrance charges at sightseeing, rope car ticket, transportation by Pony / dolly, boating and transportation charges from Rail way station to hotel  and  to monuments which are not covered by the tourist bus are to be borne by the customers.
  10. Helicopter for Kedarnath, Amarnath & Vaishno Devi can be arranged based on the customer request and the charges are to be borne by the customers.
  11. Customer availing LTC are requested to inform and receive the bus journey receipt during the tour itself.
  12. In case of cancellation of India Tours
    1. 25 days before the travel date, 1500rs per person will be detected and rest will be refund.
    2. Less than 25 days of travel date, 3000rs per person will be detected and rest will be refund.
Foreign Tours
  1. Advance of 25000rs to be paid person for Foreign Tour, rest can be paid 20 days before the tour date.
  2. Ecomony Airfare tickets are included in the tour fare. Hand Luggage(7 kgs generally among airlines are included), in case if customer is interested for Check in Luggage they can pay the difference amount and opt.
  3. If customer requests for cancellation after tickets are booked & visa processed, ticket cancellation, visa processing charge and service charge will be deducted.
  4. In Nepal Yatra, Nepal Customs charge per person are to be borne by the customers.
  5. Flight/Jeep can be arranged for Mukthinath which are additional package.
  6. Mukthinath travel is based on the weather condition. In case if weather is not suitable for travel, company has the rights to cancel Mukthinath Dharshan considering the saftey of the Customer. In case if there is any delay caused due to the Mukthinath travel additional fare are to be borne by the customer.